Frontend, Backend, Design, UX

I'm a programmer with over a decade of experience in fields from numerical simulation to web development. Human and computer language polyglot and not afraid to learn something new or admit he's wrong. Have a cool project or a company with a lot of nice people? Please contact me about it!



  • Interactive kntting pattern editor with live preview
  • Project tracking
  • Project planning/yarn estimation (planned)
  • Parser combinator pattern parsing
  • Inline svg icons
See it live!
Common Lisp Postgres Elm


  • Single page Elm app
  • Podcast feed aggregation
  • Listening tracker (partially implemented)
  • Sync API (planned)
See it live!
Common Lisp Postgres Elm Flexbox

StoryScribe Admin Dashboard

  • Added an admin dashboard to an existing rails app
  • Syncs transcripts from robo-transcription service PopupArchive
  • CRUD functionality
  • More cool things
Ruby Rails Backbone.js Underscore.js

Octopart Inc.

  • Internal database workstation
  • Responsive design update for the site
  • Page load optimization
  • Marketing show pages (link , link )
Python React Flask Elasticsearch lodash.js sass Responsive Design

Work Experience

Parenthetical Enterprises


  • Freelance web development in Python, Ruby, or Lisp
  • New projects or modification of existing webapps
  • Open source contributions to mito , sxql , jonathan
  • Project planning, prioritization, billing
  • Consultation with clients


Software Engineer

  • Collaborated on backend migration of seven year old ​ Python ​ codebase from Pylons to Flask
  • Implemented a unified, responsive design / modernized css
  • Designed React UI for login/logout
  • Developed in-house workstation for entity resolution
  • Developed procedures for and performed AB tests
  • Maintained and added features to company wordpress blog
  • Managed roadmap for product pages

Google Summer of Code

  • Wrote C and Javascript to display rich, interactive notifications for desktop applications


A PDF version of my resume is available here for your convenience.